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Why choose Dr.Air ? Your best choice!

Our Cost Advantage

You do not have to spend valuable time, a lot of money spent on the replacement filter! Air doctors uphold low carbon, energy development vision, launched a series of low maintenance cost of technology products, no longer “filter” as a secondary pollutant!

Better clean efficiency

While others in the pursuit of top-level filter and CADR value at the same time, the air doctor has purified the air model overturned! To the natural purification model for the design concept, easy to deal with increasingly serious air pollution!

Active purification

We introduce QHA purification technology and to integrate, can produce high concentrations of clean ions is put into the air, take the initiative to search to capture the air, the surface of the object, living space all the bacteria and viruses, its decomposition! This technology has served the world countless families and businesses!

Lightweight design

Purify the air in the space, how are your air cleaners in place? Air doctors with more sophisticated technology, technology integration will be concentrated to a minimum, the highest efficiency mentioned! The volume is on the market 1/6, but can be up to 3 to 5 times the number of purification, is the most lightweight you can not miss the product!

Dr.Air Life-air Purification range - up to 10 ~ 60 Ping

Powerful surface protection, can destroy the bad bacteria attached to all kinds of surface, such as your home toilet, kitchen, desk and the door handle! And can effectively eliminate the smoke, the smell of pets, smoke smell, musty and dust, etc., beyond the traditional air cleaners purification limit!

Dr.Air Qube Purification range - up to 5 ~ 25 Ping

Dr Air-Qube re-defines the old concept of Air Purifiers, by showcasing 5 different leading air purifying technologies into one  powerful, compact, lightweight package.

  1. A powerful air Qionizer
  2. A sterilizing QUV Lamp
  3. A Quad Hydro Activator Catalytic Reactor (QHA ) purifier
  4. An independently controlled Q+Active Boost sanitizer.
  5. A  Vac-Q-static material filter that is vacuumable, washable and does not need to be replaced.

Q-Zone 500-P3 O3 concentration can be set, carrying the countdown timer

Equipped with multi-stage adjustment o3 ozone concentration, 12-hour timer knob, allows you to have a variety of applications. Up to 1500 mg, can be quickly disinfected for air odor, with UV disinfection and can carry out additional internal disinfection. Applicable hotel room / bathroom / food processing plant / restaurant kitchen / camping car / dining room / restaurant / car maintenance plant.