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Is the house dusty?

Young children with respiratory allergic symptoms are undoubtedly the nightmare of parents. Pediatrician Zeng Junrui pointed out that more than 90% of children with respiratory allergies in Taiwan are mainly caused by dust. It is recommended to prevent dust in the home. The dehumidifier can be used to control the humidity. 50%, and it is best to use hot water of 50 degrees Celsius or more per week to clean the bedding, quilt cover, pillowcase and other bedding to help kill the dust.

“I bought the air purifier, which is known as the dust mites, but I can’t feel the effect. Later, I bought a vacuum cleaner. I often smoked it really tired and noisy. Is there a way to really suppress the dust mites? 』

Allergic causes:

Dust mites growth conditions:

So how to reduce dust mite allergens??

  1. Use wooden or stone flooring to avoid the accumulation of dusty fabrics on carpets, tapestries, carpets, tapestries, and thick curtains.
    If it is not necessary to use dust that is easy to accumulate dust, please clean it regularly, and add a cleaning machine with QHA active cleaning ability for 24 hours.
    Use a leather sofa: Choose a wooden chair or a leather sofa for the sofa, avoid using a fabric sofa cushion.
    Place the dehumidifier: If the ambient humidity is lower than 55%, the dust mites will not survive. It is recommended to place the temperature and humidity meter at any time for monitoring.
    Regularly replace the air conditioner, air filter, or regularly use a high efficiency ozone machine to disinfect the room.
    Cleaning the bedding with hot water: The bedding is the most prone to dust, sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases, etc. Please wash with 60 °C hot water 1 or 2 times a week.
    Dust-proof bedding: If the economy permits, it is recommended to purchase dust-proof bedding to reduce the dust mites and their excretions.
    It is forbidden to put pets into the bedroom, or to place a purification device with QHA, ionization, and oxygen in the common activity area of the pet.

Air doctor’s advice:

“The main food of house dust mites is “slaughter” fur scum, and the living environment and adaptation temperature are comparable to humans. To suppress dust mites through temperature and humidity, the energy cost is very high! 』

“So, the air doctor proposed a low-cost recipe: control the number of mold and bacteria in the environment! Not only the dusty food is cut off, but the number of bacteria in the home environment is also controlled! 』

“General air purifiers need dust mites to enter the machine to be extinct, and air doctors use QHA to purify the bacteria in the environment.”

Equipment using QHA active purification ion module:怡可淨鮮氧型活氧機