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Pet smell, flying feathers trouble you?

Modern people always love pets at home! However, sometimes the thick taste of the hairy babies always makes us feel uncomfortable.

Whether it is the taste of the cat sand basin, the smell of the dog.
When a pet is weak, sick, or at different times, it is impossible to control excretion.
Pet strollers, pet baskets, pet toys, pet supplies.
Especially when the weather is hot, especially when you have more than one type of pet, this problem is even more serious!
The shavings on the hairy children are flying all over the sky and will be attached to furniture and clothes everywhere!

Are family members allergic to pets??

We can solve the problem of flying feathers for you.!

What about the pet potty and the living area?

This is a common problem for many owners. Let’s do a “deodorization” experiment together.!

  1. (Picture on the left) On a piece of paper, drop a few drops of Omonia (VOCs) to simulate the pet’s urine taste.
    (In the picture) Put the toilet paper in front of the machine and start the air doctor’s exclusive QHA to solve the taste of Armonia’s nose!
    (Right) In less than 30 seconds, the air doctor has completely removed the toilet paper dripping with Armonia!
    This technology does not blow the paper, but the right medicine, destroying the chemical chain of Armonia!

There is no need to add any medicine to the process of deodorization. Such amazing experiments have been witnessed by many people!

Welcome to the Taipei store to experience the taste of the air doctor!