Black warrior ozone machine

Large ozone output (3500mg / 7000mg), saving you more valuable time. For you to solve: *Smoke *Smoke *Decomposed substances *Food odor *Mold and moldy *Pet smell *Carpet odor *Smoke smell *Bacteria virus *Various smells

NT$ 35,000 NT$ 25,000

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DR.Air Q-zone 357 models are suitable for places with high odor concentrations or where odor removal is required. This model has a sturdy casing and is lightweight. You can start the machine 24 hours a day, use the disinfection mode for a long time or handle the large number of pings. The timer, you can set it up, you don’t have to worry about leaving the ozone for too long. You can take this machine into consideration to solve your air pollution problems.

High power / small size and light

Sturdy casing

Low maintenance

Two hour timing function

The machine can always be started

Comfortable handle

A wide carrying case makes it easy to store your line

Compared with other models, this machine is cost-effective in terms of maximum power and reasonable price.

Two settings:

3,500 mg / hour

7,000 mg / hour

Product Features: *Smoke *Smoke *Decomposed substances *Food odor *Mold and moldy *Pet smell *Carpet odor *Smoke smell *Bacteria virus…

Applicable places: *Hotel rooms *Bathroom *Food processing factory *Restaurant kitchen *Camping car *Dining room / restaurant

Product specifications

Size: 260 L x 210 W x 180 H (mm)

Weight: 2.9 Kgs

Electricity: 100-120V, 50HZ/60HZ

Power consumption: 100W

Ozone concentration: 3500 mg/H (low) / 7000 mg/H (high)

Fan: 100 CFM

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 18 cm


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