Small steel gun ozone machine

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Is there a problem with air pollution indoors?

Q-Zone can solve it for you! Just place this magical product near the source of contamination and plug it in for a while. You will notice a significant improvement in the odor phenomenon, and the pollutants contained in it will be eliminated with the odor after oxidation.

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Are you looking for an ozone machine that is lighter and deodorizing faster?

Small steel gun is the best choice!

The best O3 ozone machine, the best O3 ozone machine in the hotel, the best O3 ozone machine in the pet store. More applications that can adjust ozone can be used.

The technology used by Q-Zone is inspired by nature and is based on the way the earth purifies nature. For example, the daily ozone and the lightning generated each time, the ozone is the best way to purify the outdoor air.

This technology has been confirmed by scientific experiments to effectively eliminate odors, smoke and cigarette smoke, and to eliminate mold and bacteria.

This model is most popular with hotel room service and restaurants.

feature of product:
1. Compact, portable size

2. Low energy consumption, low maintenance

3. Run quietly

4. Adjustable ozone concentration

5.120 minute timer

7. No chemical substances, no residual pollution.

Product Features:
*Smoke flavor *Clean workbench and environment – can reduce bacterial virus breeding

*Smoke *Reducing the function of phosphorus-containing pesticides on fruits and vegetables

* rotten substances * decomposition of meat compounds antibiotics, hormone treatment, antiseptic

*Food odor *Fresh odor removal *Mold and mildew *Pet smell

*Carpet odor *Smoke smell *Bacteria virus…

Size: 230 L x 190 W x 230 H (mm)

Weight: 2.5 Kgs

Electricity: 100-120V, 50HZ/60HZ

Power consumption: 95W

Ozone concentration: 0-100 mg/H

Fan: 100 CFM

*Can set 60 minute timing device

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 18 cm


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