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台北君悅大飯店 Grand Hyatt Taipei

Grand Hyatt Hotel Candy Lounge –
I have tried many products and even included a ceiling-type air filter that is not expensive, but the results are not good. It was not until our products were used that the problem of smoke was really solved.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Executive Floor –
Our air purification system fully controls the smell of smoke in the VIP meeting room. Maintain the quality of five-star hotels!

Grand Hyatt Hotel Room –
The Housekeeping Department uses our commercial oxygen machine to improve the air quality in the smoking area. Easy to use, rugged and durable, Blaster can stand the test.

Ziga Zaga-
Blaster effectively removes the smell of smoke left by Ziga Zaga last night.

台北晶華酒店 Regent Taipei

Jinghua Health Club –
Continue to use our equipment for 24 hours to stink the antibodies and maintain a healthy and fresh air in the room!

Jinghua Hotel Deluxe Suite –
Our air purifiers provide high quality indoor air for VIP guests, allowing guests to enjoy the fresh air as if they are next to a waterfall.


Costco Executive Office –
LivingFresh Air, DuctWorx and Spectrum provide employees with a fresh and healthy working environment, which also represents the concern of the city for employees.

Good city and more meat sellers –
Maintain a clean and clean environment in the city’s raw food processing zones to ensure that customers receive the best product quality assurance.

Costco Tire Repair Center –
Reduce the smell from the tires in the store, good for customers, and good for employees.

湯姆熊 台中 湯姆熊世界

Taichung Tom Bear World uses DR.AIR Air Doctor’s products to quickly solve the odor problem. Whether it is the smell of sweat on adults and children, the bacteria on the game equipment can be easily solved without relying on water that will increase moisture. The mist disinfection water can also make the air in the business premises fresh!

淨化範圍涵蓋 塵螨問題、鼻過敏、寵物毛屑、室內細菌病毒

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