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DR.AIR:Definition of the seven-day appreciation period

Return instructions

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  1. If it is not a fault or a malfunction, it is due to personal factors to order the wrong goods on the official website. You need to return the invoices issued by the goods and Tianmai Industrial Co., Ltd. back to the original packaging or carton. Please pack the postage together. Return it to the head office (3 Customer Service Department, 1st Floor, No. 259, Fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei City) to facilitate the return of the operation. Shipping the goods again will be charged for shipping.

  3. Please call 0800-077-377 for return and refund (the relevant shipping cost will be paid by you and deducted from the refund); there is no service to change the order or redeem other products. The order amount cannot be reserved for the next order, please forgive me.

Can the consumables be replaced or returned to the company for replacement?


  1. Air doctor products can replace consumables by themselves (please contact the engineering department for built-in air conditioning type), consumables can be ordered online, call to order, on-site order.

  3. The replacement method of consumables is as shown in the manual. You can also call the customer service to explain the teaching.

  5. The warranty period and scope (see the warranty policy). If there is any defect or failure, the company will take back the repair and you will not be responsible for the freight.

  7. If there is any problem outside the warranty period and scope, please return the product to the package and return it to you by the engineering department.